Custom-made & logo design

Hi, You can hire me to create a painting which colors matching to your interior. 

When you decide to commission me,

1. The process begins with a 50% deposit

2. we have to decide which artwork you like from my portfolio.

3. then you choose the color palette.

4. Once I receive it, I'll start working.

5. After I finish the artwork , I'll send you a final image of the artwork for approval.

6. After approval, I'll get another 50%

7. I'll ship it to you

If you have any questions about my commission process, please contact me and we will talk about your personal beautiful piece of art. 


1. Tell me what kind of logo do you need?

2. I'll make you four different options

3. Choose one of the options

4. I make a maximum of four changes

5. The logo is ready!

Prize 150,00 eur (VAT 0%)